What is Summers On Allen?

Summers On Allen is a project transforming the 100 block of Allen Street into a pop-up park and pedestrian plaza with seating, landscaping, a play area for kids and a small stage for performances.


When is it?

We begin the transformation on May 11 and end eight weeks later on July 3.


How is this possible?

Thanks to a grant from The Knight Foundation and facilitated through Centre Foundation, we have the funding available to create a space for the community to engage and interact and bring more people downtown during a time that is traditionally slow.


How will the street stay clean?

The DID street cleaning crew is paying special attention to Allen Street during Summers On Allen. There are also additional recycling containers.

A group of volunteers will keep the landscaping healthy with daily watering and pruning. (If you would like to help, email us at summersonallen@gmail.com)


What happens in the case of emergencies?

Alpha Fire Company and Centre LifeLink have approved the set up. The firetrucks and ambulances can push the water barriers and there is space in the design for them to drive through in the case of an emergency.


Is there security over night?

A security guard will be on location between 10pm and 4am every day.


How will traffic be affected?

Water barriers will be placed by the borough at the intersections of College Avenue, Calder Alley and Beaver Avenue to stop vehicles from driving through.

We have alerted Google maps to note temporary street closure. Additionally, a traffic control sign noting ‘no left turn ahead’ will be placed one block before Allen Street on both College and Beaver Avenues.

Calder will remain open.

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